Prebiotin Weight Management
Prebiotin Weight Management
Prebiotin Weight Management
Prebiotin Weight Management
Prebiotin Weight Management
Prebiotin Weight Management

Prebiotin Weight Management

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60 Servings - 240g - 30 Day Supply at Full Dosage Recommended for Weight Management


Recommended Dosage:

  • Week One: 1/2 scoop taken once a day for 1 week.
  • Week Two: 1/2 scoop taken twice a day, at least 6 hours apart, for 1 week.
  • Week Three: 1 level scoop in the AM and 1/2 scoop in the PM for 1 week.
  • Week Four and Ongoing: 1 level scoop twice a day, at least 6 hours apart.

Prebiotin WM is designed to be used with every weight loss or obesity treatment program. Our prebiotic formula is all natural and dissolves easily in any liquid or food. 

Prebiotin Weight Management – 4g

Prebiotin Weight Management is Prebiotin at higher dosages. Higher fiber daily, 8 to 12 grams and more, should be part of every standard weight loss program. The reason is that virtually all overweight people have a bad bacterial mix in the colon. This is called dysbiosis. When dysbiosis is present in the gut, here is what happens:

  1. The unwanted bad bacteria in the gut make twice the number of calories that the good bacteria do
  2. Leaky gut allows toxins into the blood, which promote weight gain
  3. Blood sugar control is more difficult
  4. In the blood, the hunger hormone rises and fullness (satiety) hormones fall

Prebiotin Weight Management acts to favorably reverse these unwelcome changes in the gut and body. The higher dosage of fiber helps to control appetite and suppress hunger. This prebiotic supplement belongs in every weight loss program because almost all overweight people have bad gut bacteria. Prebiotin WM will fix your gut, while helping to keep the pounds off!

Benefits of Prebiotin Weight Management

  • Blood sugar control is better and there is less insulin resistance.
  • Inflammation in the gut and body is reduced.
  • A predominance of good bacteria in the gut makes fewer calories than when bad bacteria are predominant.
  • Prebiotics increase the release of beneficial hormones to give you an earlier sense of fullness when you eat.
  • A leaky gut is corrected and the passage of toxins and other unwanted materials into the blood is slowed down or stopped.

The Science behind weight management dysbiosis and prebiotics is now very strong. We know that...

  • The dysbiosis in overweight people results in far more calories being made by the bad colon bacteria than the good ones.
  • Prebiotin Weight Management increases satiety or fullness, reducing appetite and hunger.
  • Energy pods are created (short chain fatty acids) which promotes leanness by reducing fat deposits in the body.
  • No other product has this type of strong science support.